Monday, November 6, 2017

Women’s name in Liquors shop - Maharashtra Minister

Maharashtra Minister Girish Mahajan has attended the ceremony in Maharashtra at Nandurbar district.
The Girish Dattatray Mahajan wants to give the women’s names to the liquor shop to increase the sale of Liquor in their BJP Government. They Believe that only women’s name would increase the sale of liquor in their BJP government.
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He also said about the sugar factory also manufacturing the liquor into the brand name of Maharaja. Also, he said “Maharani” has decided the name ‘Maharaja’.
He also mentioned in the olden day for all the kind of business including tobacco sale the women’s name been named for their stores. So instead of Maharaja, he wants to change as” Maharani”. Said Girish Mahajan. In the ceremony, the audiences were also made fun with this speech.
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After this issue he apologies to all of them. Said he doesn’t want to hurt any women about his speech. He doesn't mean of words while he attended the speech in the ceremony. 
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