Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tweet to Aravind Kejrival- Sleeping – Delhi smog

New Delhi: Delhi has again surrounded with white smog on Tuesday early morning. The Delhi is also the polluted cities in the world.
Image Credit: Wittyfeed
According to the research, “Delhi pollution has crossed the normal population level” Said IMA. And they have advised not to take any outdoor activities or works and mainly cornered school areas.

Because of this Ari pollution daily life has been affected. There is a huge traffic for Air transport and rail transport. With this issue, other business transactions will also affect due to Air pollutions.

The National Green Tribunal has raised the complaint against the Delhi government, which they have not taken any actions against the cause of smog. They have already given the list which is followed during the smog to the Delhi government till now they haven’t taken any actions for this cause. 

The Government of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Arunachal Pradesh has to submit the reports of measures taken by the government.Ordered by Green tribunal.

Delhi Chief Minister said the immediate solution to be taken against the toxic smog and mention the neighbor state causes the dried crops now affected the Delhi.
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