Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Microsoft has introduced the new feature for Skype. This has AI like the Snapchat design.  This design hasn’t new design which was trying by the Microsoft. It’s already a follow of snapchatesque design. It’s actually including of the messages, stickers, filters, and captions and more info about the weather for the same. And they back status icon in the new features.

There is no need of uploading images with the difficult task; it’s easy to select the photos/images. It can be adding up the stickers for the images and some regular activities which already doing on the Instagram.

There might not be a big picture the skype. As per the reviews, it’s still outdated with the changes. Most of the people are not happy with the Skype. The ratings wise not a much satisfactory thing. The 1-star rating is given for the skype from the IOS users.

The changes of the design of everything will take into some risk. The Facebook issue is a known example for all of us. With the changes in the newsfeed, there is facing more bugs. Some period it might work. More sort of business activities will also chance of getting down.

For the capacity of Microsoft, these outdated designs and activities are a bit getting down their caliber. Now a day the application developers are upgrading their level featuring the ideas to the next level. 
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