Monday, November 6, 2017

Kohli Slams - Opened about Dhoni

Rajkot: Virat Kohli has opened the topic about Dhoni, “ They have targeted to create a dispute between me and M.S.Dhoni. there is no chance of bringing such situation into us.
India vs Newzland second T20 match was held in Rajkot. About the match, Virat Kohli openly said in the press meet that it was our mistake and we have not played well. And he completely agreed of this failure too.

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In the famous show, “Koffee with champagne” he has spoken about many things about the Dhoni.
Kohli agreed of failure
India faces the big failure in the second T20 match between India vs Newzland. Our players have not played well. Indian Captain Virat Kohli, “Acknowledge the failure of the match.

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Coffee with Kohli
After this press meet, the famous Bollywood channel of Koffee with champagne” which was hosted by Gaurav Kapoor in this show Virat Kohli is participating for the first time. Some questions were put up with him regarding his love affair, his friends, and the relationship between Dhoni and Virat.
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Virat slams about Dhoni

In the show, the relationship between Ex-Indian captain and Virat question was raised. He opened up that,”Dhoni is the best friend of him and there are no problems till now between them. Many people are targeting us and they want us to make problems. This will never happen. Because M.S doesn’t have such attitude and in his home, there are two children including him. In the fun chat, he said that he likes dhoni’s daughter Ziva more than him.

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