Thursday, November 2, 2017

Halloween 2017 – Trends with new launched effects on social medias

The Halloween day is celebrating digitally with new features on social media. It is becoming trend and celebrated by all youngsters. It is overhaul and named as Tricks or Treats.

About Halloween day

Image courtesy : Google
The Halloween day is mainly celebrated in US. It is the traditions of Europe inspired with the English and irish peoples. In 8th century to honor all saints it was celebrated and later it was changed as Tricks or Treats and considered Holiday “Community entered Holidays”. They dress up and collect money this was later became big celebration and enthusiasm mode of people is huge like making parties, conducting many Competitions with the dress up. This dress up ‘Halloween dress up’ will wear by the young women’s could be divine as considering themselves as seeking of future husbands.

The costumes which they will wear in the shapes of Pumpkin , grey wards and bats.

New release effects launched in Social media.
Image Courtsey : Google

Image Courtsey : Google

Nowadays people have no time to wear the costumes and celebrate the day. This gap was used by the many popular social media websites called FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM etc.
This effects contains with different effects of Halloween namely Pumpkin , grey wards and bats. It can be posted via messages, news feed and also can go live with new themed Halloween effect. It will follow the face and rotate in different angles on this Halloween effect.

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