Thursday, November 2, 2017

Court favours Airtel in 2 lakh bill case

Bengaluru women charged 2 lakh on mobile data for high usage on her vacation. It shows the cities carelessness. 
High usage charges over for the mobile data. She went to Japan for the vacation during the days she unknowingly using the data. When she returns back to Bangalore, It makes her shock with the SMS notification. The notification was supposed to pay the bill of Rs.2 lakh above.  
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Her husband enquires in the nearest Airtel showroom. They answered it was Airtel Postpaid plan. She must be off the roaming data connection. The exact of usage was Rs.6.50 per 10KB totally she used 277MB. So she finally has to pay Rs.2, 09,662 within a few weeks. 
So finally she filled the case in the Rural and urban additional District Consumer forum on September 2015 mentioning that Airtel telecom for paying her bill. 

Since 2015 the case went to the Airtel telecom industry. In this she said, I asked regarding the International plan trip to Japan with the customer care. But they didn’t bother about it. 
Continuously Airtel defeats with the case, they said, It should make a prepaid plan for the international roaming. If you are not using the data they should switch off the mobile data. 

On the international trip, the customer should be very careful with the data. They should switch off the mobile data. Or in the Airport or any shop, they will sell the prepaid sim with the plan also with the 4G, it will make safe for the customers on the International trip. 
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