Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sunanda Pushkar’s Murder Tapes Releases With Shocking Information in Arnab’s Republic

The sources of the Sasi Tharoor allegations are from the Republican Party In another exposure, Sunanda Pushkar has also reported death testimonies.

 Narayan haveing several phone recordings between Tharoor he is the right hand of Sasi Tharoor Narayan which has been presented.

 Sunanda’s body was changed from room no 307 to 345 of Leela, the murder scene and body tampered before investigation alleging that . on 17/01/2014 Sunanda Pushkar found dead in a hotel room.Delhi’s Leela Palace hotel. The police didn’t make any immediate statement and called the actions ‘mysterious’.

but Tharoor was staying in the Leela hotel at the same time,
 Subsequently, Tharoor pleaded innocence in the case.

There is also a recording between Prema Sridevi, a journalist of Republic TV and Sunanda Pushkar which reveals that Sunanda wanted to divulge “everything” before she “mysteriously” died.
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