Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Microsoft has introduced the new feature for Skype. This has AI like the Snapchat design.  This design hasn’t new design which was trying by the Microsoft. It’s already a follow of snapchatesque design. It’s actually including of the messages, stickers, filters, and captions and more info about the weather for the same. And they back status icon in the new features.

There is no need of uploading images with the difficult task; it’s easy to select the photos/images. It can be adding up the stickers for the images and some regular activities which already doing on the Instagram.

There might not be a big picture the skype. As per the reviews, it’s still outdated with the changes. Most of the people are not happy with the Skype. The ratings wise not a much satisfactory thing. The 1-star rating is given for the skype from the IOS users.

The changes of the design of everything will take into some risk. The Facebook issue is a known example for all of us. With the changes in the newsfeed, there is facing more bugs. Some period it might work. More sort of business activities will also chance of getting down.

For the capacity of Microsoft, these outdated designs and activities are a bit getting down their caliber. Now a day the application developers are upgrading their level featuring the ideas to the next level. 

Tweet to Aravind Kejrival- Sleeping – Delhi smog

New Delhi: Delhi has again surrounded with white smog on Tuesday early morning. The Delhi is also the polluted cities in the world.
Image Credit: Wittyfeed
According to the research, “Delhi pollution has crossed the normal population level” Said IMA. And they have advised not to take any outdoor activities or works and mainly cornered school areas.

Because of this Ari pollution daily life has been affected. There is a huge traffic for Air transport and rail transport. With this issue, other business transactions will also affect due to Air pollutions.

The National Green Tribunal has raised the complaint against the Delhi government, which they have not taken any actions against the cause of smog. They have already given the list which is followed during the smog to the Delhi government till now they haven’t taken any actions for this cause. 

The Government of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Arunachal Pradesh has to submit the reports of measures taken by the government.Ordered by Green tribunal.

Delhi Chief Minister said the immediate solution to be taken against the toxic smog and mention the neighbor state causes the dried crops now affected the Delhi.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Microsoft and Ola – Join hands

New Delhi:  Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met and made a Global agreement on the technology side. They became partners for the productivity of manufacturers and the customers to take to the next level. 

They supporting for the Ola play in-wise AI (Artificial Intelligence), Microsoft Cloud and other parts tools like Skype and Office 365 support will be part of this agreement for the business.  
In this state of the art application side, they connected with the Vehicle platform to develop the car productions around the world. The voice assistant would be set up with Microsoft cognitive services and bot framework while on the rides.

This technology partnership will extend hands in navigation pointer and car handler’s experience in the telematics.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella said, “Today’s car is quickly becoming the main area for the computing devices and together with Ola. He also mentioned the important goal will be the satisfaction and productive services to the customers. 


NEW DELHI: 2G spectrum case has been postponed to 5th of December by the special judge Shiny.

In the Congress Government rule, the 2G spectrum case has been embezzlement by the DMK Government. DMK party leader Kalangar Karunanidhi‘s daughter DMK Rajya Sabha member Mrs. Kani mozhi and his husband former telecom minister Mr. Raja has held on this issue.
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The date of decision for the case is running for 6 years in the special court CBI today. But that adjudication of the case is still in pending for the result.
The final controversy about the judicial decision has to be on July 15th and it postponed to September 20th. The decision will be taken on October 25th by the Special court in New Delhi.
With the preparation of some document, it postponed to November 7th. Now judgment has to be waiting till 5th December.

CHENNAI: Prime minister Narendra Modi has met DMK Leader K.Karunanidhi for the courtesy call to his. He was in the home for more than 20 minutes and also he met his wives Dayalu Ammal and Rajathi Ammal. He also held up with some functions and came for the 75th year celebration by the local Newspaper
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They have clearly mentioned there is no political call regarding the 2G spectrum case. It was a general meeting their DMK Leader. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Regrets meeting PM – U-17 FIFA WORLD CUP President Infantino

FIFA president Gianni Infantino congratulates India for the successful hosting the U-17 FIFA World up. Last time he met Mamta Banerjee and thank for the immense success of FIFA event in West Bengal he extends about the tournament hosted at the Salt Lake stadium.

NEW DELHI: FIFA President has written a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for congratulating the successful hosting of U-17 FIFA world cup previous month. He also exhibits regret about not meeting Modi.

Image Credit: Google
Now FIFA has been returned to Zurich with the successful enduring of host U-17 FIFA World cup. He congratulates India for the Fruitful hosting and he said, “ it gave him a pleasure to be in India over the period.

Also, "He congratulates our government of hosting FIFA U-17 world cup India 2017. He also add up to Local Organizing committee for working hard to organize this competition in the cities of New Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, Guwahati and Kolkata". wrote in the letter to PM Modi

This letter was available in the release with the ALL INDIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION. 

Infantino regrets that he couldn’t attend the ceremony of FIFA to meeting the PM Modi. But he wants to have conversed in the future with PM Modi for the establishment of Football with the India.

Women’s name in Liquors shop - Maharashtra Minister

Maharashtra Minister Girish Mahajan has attended the ceremony in Maharashtra at Nandurbar district.
The Girish Dattatray Mahajan wants to give the women’s names to the liquor shop to increase the sale of Liquor in their BJP Government. They Believe that only women’s name would increase the sale of liquor in their BJP government.
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He also said about the sugar factory also manufacturing the liquor into the brand name of Maharaja. Also, he said “Maharani” has decided the name ‘Maharaja’.
He also mentioned in the olden day for all the kind of business including tobacco sale the women’s name been named for their stores. So instead of Maharaja, he wants to change as” Maharani”. Said Girish Mahajan. In the ceremony, the audiences were also made fun with this speech.
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After this issue he apologies to all of them. Said he doesn’t want to hurt any women about his speech. He doesn't mean of words while he attended the speech in the ceremony. 

Kohli Slams - Opened about Dhoni

Rajkot: Virat Kohli has opened the topic about Dhoni, “ They have targeted to create a dispute between me and M.S.Dhoni. there is no chance of bringing such situation into us.
India vs Newzland second T20 match was held in Rajkot. About the match, Virat Kohli openly said in the press meet that it was our mistake and we have not played well. And he completely agreed of this failure too.

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In the famous show, “Koffee with champagne” he has spoken about many things about the Dhoni.
Kohli agreed of failure
India faces the big failure in the second T20 match between India vs Newzland. Our players have not played well. Indian Captain Virat Kohli, “Acknowledge the failure of the match.

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Coffee with Kohli
After this press meet, the famous Bollywood channel of Koffee with champagne” which was hosted by Gaurav Kapoor in this show Virat Kohli is participating for the first time. Some questions were put up with him regarding his love affair, his friends, and the relationship between Dhoni and Virat.
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Virat slams about Dhoni

In the show, the relationship between Ex-Indian captain and Virat question was raised. He opened up that,”Dhoni is the best friend of him and there are no problems till now between them. Many people are targeting us and they want us to make problems. This will never happen. Because M.S doesn’t have such attitude and in his home, there are two children including him. In the fun chat, he said that he likes dhoni’s daughter Ziva more than him.